Sports betting apps that accept crypto currencies

At the latest in the year 2019 one had to live already under a stone, in order not to meet the word “Bitcoin”. The crypto currency began to take off and created several millionaires around the globe who had dug or bought at the right time.

Other crypto currencies benefited and grew in Bitcoin’s slipstream. In the field of sports betting, crypto currencies were also suddenly in demand. They changed from an offer that only interested a small circle of initiates to a mainstream offer.

For all of you who like to place your bets mobile via smartphone or tablet, we dealt with the question which sports betting apps accept crypto currencies at all.

Which bookmakers offer apps with crypto currencies or bitcoins?

After these introductory explanations we now turn to the most important question: With which bookmakers do you find apps that accept crypto currencies?

We have compiled some applications for you where you can deposit via crypto currency, a complete list can be found at :

  • App
  • Bahigo App
  • Cloudbet App
  • 1xbit App
  • Netbet App
  • NitrogenSports App
  • App
  • Melbet App
  • App
  • 22Bet App

Afterwards you will find a short description of all bookies and what you should pay attention to when depositing via crypto currency:

This bookmaker is perhaps the best known Bitcoin sports betting provider, but also supports some other currencies such as Etherum or Monero. All you have to do to register is enter your email address, date of birth and password and you’re done. There is also a welcome bonus in the form of a 5mBTC bet with no risk, which is quite something to look forward to.


Rivalo stands for seriousness and supports Bitcoin as one of many payment options. What’s really good is that the bookmaker offers to exchange the Bitcoin account balance directly into euros or another currency and then pay it out. So you don’t have to deal with it. Betting with Bitcoin itself is not possible.


Do registrations bother you in principle, no matter how little data you have to enter and do you want to bet anonymously? Then NitrogenSports is the right bookmaker for you. Only Bitcoin is supported, but complete anonymity is guaranteed.


Like NitrogenSports, Cloudbet relies only on Bitcoin. The bookmaker has been on the market since 2013 and therefore offers a very mature app. Cloudbet is therefore an excellent address for mobile betting in particular.


1xbit is an outsourced brand of 1xbet (learn more about 1xBet App here). They specialize in Bitcoin, but you can also play in many other crypto currencies. As far as the number of supported crypto currencies is concerned, nowhere else can you find such a large selection as here.


NetBet theoretically offers a deposit with Bitcoin. However, the bookmaker blocks your direct way. Instead you have to choose the redirection via Neteller to be able to deposit the crypto currency. A renouncement of the personal data in the course of the registration is therefore unfortunately not possible.


In Central Europe, Melbet is rather not one of the sports betting providers of which the general public has already heard. But the bookmaker is always worth it. He accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. In addition, you can register anonymously here with just one click.

What are crypto currencies?

We don’t want to bore you with too many technical details, therefore as simple as possible: Crypto currencies like Bitcoin are special computer files created by a network.

The special feature is that the money supply is limited – crypto currencies are absolutely inflation-proof. The coins can also be transferred completely anonymously. In addition, the currencies can no longer be reversed once they have been transferred.

The simplest picture of how crypto currencies work is to pay with cash. This is completely anonymous and once you have handed over the money, it is gone. Unless the recipient gives it back to you.

Crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash or Etherum can be won in two ways. First, you can buy into the currencies. You pay in euros, francs, dollars or pounds amount X and get back amount Y in return. The speculators, however, have fallen in love with the crypto currencies, which is why the prices have become unpleasantly high.

On the other hand you can dig, the so-called “Mining”. For this you use a computer with high computing power and a strong graphics card. But you shouldn’t hope for a lottery prize any more.

In the meantime, there are entire data centers that do nothing but dig for the dear long day. This has made it difficult for private individuals to get their hands on Bitcoin and Co. in this way.

Why should you play with crypto currencies?

Nevertheless, playing with crypto currencies can be worth it for you, because there are a lot of advantages. So you can register with many providers virtually completely anonymously, which makes this process much faster.

  1. And hand on heart: You don’t feel really comfortable if you have to pass on all your personal data to a sports betting provider. Crypto currencies free you from this.
  2. The next advantage is the fact that you can easily get e.g. to Bitcoin. Win your bets and fill your account. All of a sudden the high prices are very convenient for you. If you convert the crypto currencies back into real money, you will have much more than if you had played in real money.
  3. Transactions are also very fast. If you request a crypto currency withdrawal, you will have the amount in your wallet within seconds and could decide what you want to do with the money now.