VirnetX Brings Obvious VPN Battle to Cisco

After winning a two hundret million dollar patent infringement settlement from Microsoft, VPN technology business is expanding its authorized fusillade to add other technologies leaders: the company has filed suit in the patent case-favorable Eastern Texas U.S. District Court against a chain of businesses for infringing on its VPN patents. The named defendants in the suit are Aastra, and Apple, Cisco, NEC.

The suit seeks damages and unspecified injunctive relief, and claims five VirnetX patents are infringed on by the companies. The suit claims Apple cellular devices (the iPhone, iPad, and ipodtouch) infringe on one or more of the patents (7,490,151) regarding setting up secure communications using DNS. The claims against Aastra and Cisco focus on VoIP products– including VoIP phones. Here you find out the Best VPN for PC.

When Research Applications Worldwide was got by it back in 2006, the patents were obtained by VirnetX in question. A defense contractor was primarily managed as by Research Applications. Soon after the acquisition, VirnetX sued Microsoft for infringing on 2 of the company’s patents in Microsoft Office Communicator and Meeting Room; VirnetX won the trial in March of this year and expanded the judicial proceedings to add Win7 before Microsoft consented to a resolution.

Microsoft Sued Over VPN Technology

California computer software company VirnetX Inc. h AS files suit against Microsoft, alleging the software giant’s VPN technologies infringe on two VirnetX patents, one which describes a strategy for establishing a secure communications link , and another describes transparently making a virtual-private-network. The suit of VirnetX seeks both injunctive relief and damages; the suit was filed in the patent case-friendly Usa States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas.

The simple declaration of VirtnetX does not specify which Microsoft products infringe on its patents; Acceleration Server and Microsoft’s Web Security offers VPN. or just find the BestDNS for unblocking content and tv streaming.