VPN service PureVPN

In November 2006, the VPN service Pure VPN as a service provider was established against data loss. Here, the service was initially limited to those regions where the Internet is censored and therefore no full access to all sites is available. Since 2007 the company acted now worldwide, so the company has to date more than 300 servers in 26 different countries. Pure VPN has servers in these countries: UK, USA, Australia, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Egypt, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, Panama, Romania, Russia , Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Chile, Japan, South Korea, China, New Zealand, Taiwan, Indonesia, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey and Ukraine. The VPN offer of Pure VPN has three VPN packets that are graded according to Features: Standard VPN, VPN Unlimited and the Pure Gold VPN. So everyone can choose the option that best fits their own requirements. In all three packages, the installation of a proprietary software is necessary to guarantee the 128-bit SSL encryption for all online data transfer. Although the privacy of the customer is the top priority at Pure VPN, the company must perform security provider logs. Pure VPN then stores the following information: time of connecting to the Internet, the time of separation of the Internet connection and the bandwidth used.